Company APL d.o.o. is renowned for its excellence in tool making for injection moulding, stamping and bending, as well as assembly fixtures. The offer is extended with high-performance services: 3- and 5-axis CNC milling, HSC milling, CNC wire cutting, CNC spark eroding, EDM start hole drilling, surface grinding, electrode manufacturing, measuring,...


1 toolmaking CNC milling with 5-axis machining centre2 toolmaking CNC milling centre3 toolmaking CNC wire cutting4 toolmaking electrode manufacturing


The toolshop of company APL d.o.o. offers you:

  • injection moulding tools,

  • stamping, punching and bending tools,

  • assembly fixtures,
  • prototypes,
  • services on our machines (milling, wire cutting, eroding, electrode manufacturing,...),
  • preparation of technical documentation,
  • tool making according to technical documentation,
  • tool tests with our machines,
  • tool maintenance,
  • tool repairs,
  • measuring protocols,...

CNC milling

  • Deckel Maho 5-axis machining centre DMU 75 monoBLOCK
  • Deckel Maho DMC 1035 V eco
  • Deckel Maho DMU 50 3+2 manual
  • Okuma MF-46VA/B with rotary shuttle

HSC milling

  • OPS Ingersoll HSC 600 with automation

CNC wire cutting

  • Fanuc Alpha-1iB
  • Fanuc Alpha-1iC

CNC spark eroding

  • OPS INGERSOLL Gantry Eagle 400
  • Exeron EDM 310

EDM start hole eroding/drilling

  • Joemars JM528DZ

Surface grinding

  • Chevalier FSG-3A1020
  • Chevalier FSG 1632 TXII

Measuring in temperature regulated measuring room

  • 3D CNC coordinates measuring machine DEA Global Silver Performance 05.07.05
  • measuring microscope
  • hardness measuring instrument
  • micro hardness measuring instrument
  • versatile measuring devices

As well as

  • turning machine
  • drilling machines
  • band saw Bianco 350 SA 60°